Youth Power Project Strengthen the health of the people

Is an extension of the results of working with youth groups in the community Which happened to require young people to join the program to integrate academic knowledge on global warming With activities in ways of life that reduce energy, tourism activities by communities And health promotion How the relationship is linked Is to create a social space for the youth to have the opportunity to think – do activities by themselves.

In addition, he is proud of his own village and has played a role in the conservation of natural resources and the environment. Including showing to people in the community And various agencies concerned to see the potential and role of youth towards community and social development It is an opportunity for young people to work with various parties at the provincial level. Region and national level To campaign for all sectors in society to realize the value.

Benefits of tourism by communities that have discounts, global warming problems, and promote physical, mental, social and intellectual well-being. The result Is to promote and support youths in 50 villages across the country to have space And the opportunity to express various perspectives on creative ideas for community development, as well as demonstrating the potential for self-managed project management from youth groups in each village.