Urban collectives at Kasser Rassu

Urban collectives at Kasser Rassu Gallery

A visit to Marbella’s Kasser Rassu Gallery to see their “Urban Collectives” exhibition.

This is a collection of works by three very different artists which has been put together by Benezra Art Investments & Consultancy – and it is certainly well worth a visit.

Maureen Benezra (partner) was their to answer questions about the artists, their life and their work. Maureen clearly has a great feel for the artists she supports and a wonderful eye for art.

We began by discussing Benjamin Duarr (also known as Screenprince). He is a Spanish artist who is currently living and working in the UK. We were particularly interested in him because he has been developing his own brand of Caligram-Art using hand written lyrics to portray the artista who performed the song.

Add to this the rich color and tone he uses in his portraits, the end result is captivating. He uses endlessly sanded, printed, dusted and polished boards with aged and blended dip-pen acrylic liquid inks. You really have to see this artist’s work for yourself to fully appreciate his skill.

Another firm favourite is Kathrina Rupit (KINMX) from Mexico. Her paintings are an explosion of colours – using spray paints, recyclables, bold and inciteful. Kathrina combines her perception of current issues through the female figure. Her work seeks to educate by asking us to see ourselves as a canvas and think about how we can become a medium of change. Through her extensive travels, you can see the contrast between urban and nature within the paintings.

The third artist with work on displayat Kasser Rassu is Dom Pattinson. He spent a great deal of time in the Soviet Union immersed in propaganda art before moving to Northern Ireland where he experienced heightened emotions expressed with politically motivated public displays. Here, he realized that love and hate were different sides of the same coin.

This is an artist who speaks through his art about life in its rawest form. He uses stencil patterns and pastels with bold black and a hint of colour used very cleverly. Spray painting and collage are just two of the methods he uses to capture everyday life. He is an artist that makes you think and question!