Travel & Tourism jobs are at risk

Travel & Tourism jobs are at risk globally

The World Travel & Tourism Council continues to work to raise awareness of Travel & Tourism as one of the world’s largest economic sectors. Recent research carried out by the WTTC reveals that 75 million Travel & Tourism jobs are at risk globally due to the COVID-19 pandemic, including one million in the UK and at least 6.4 million losses across the EU. Representing the global Travel & Tourism private sector, the WTTC claims that acting now will have a profound effect to reduce the damaging effects upon the majority of tour operators and travel agents, online and offline, and are facing due to the previously unimaginable impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Now is not the time to buy cheap airline tickets Since the outbreak of the coronavirus in Wuhan, China, airlines around the world have been struggling as countries closed borders and passenger numbers declined. To get people flying again once the COVID-19 crisis is over, airlines have been deeply discounting tickets for future flights. As tempting as the offers may look, you might want to think twice about paying for a ticket now while still not knowing what is around the corner.

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As things stand at the moment, the only people looking to fly are people who have been stranded abroad after countries went into lockdown in an attempt to stop the coronavirus from spreading.

Other than these few rescue flights the only aircraft flying are those looking to keep open vital medical supply routes between China and other parts of the world.

Airlines are grounding aircraft
Realizing that air travel for leisure and business has fallen off a cliff, many airlines have decided to ground their aircraft and furlough employees until such a time things return to normal.

While we all listen to daily government briefings about social distancing, coronavirus testing and reaching the apex of the curve as we begin to flatten the sombrero nobody knows how long it will be until things return to normal.

With the peak summer holiday travel season just a couple of months away airlines are looking to tempt passengers into making holiday plans by offering heavily discounted tickets and waiving fees should your travel plans change.

Tempting as it may be to book that summer holiday now, the advice now is to hold off for at least another month to see where we are at in the battle.

The grim news coming out of Italy and Spain shows that the death rates continue to rise and that the United Kingdom and the United States are not even close to the worst of the pandemic yet.

In Spain, ones were confined to their homes since March 14th and while the government has said the lockdown will now last until the 12th, of April no individual is sure if it may be extended further.

With this knowledge in place, do you really think that the airlines know when they will be flying again? The answer is of course not and is why you should hold off making any travel plans.

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Airlines have no idea how long the current situation will last
The COVID-19 crisis may ultimately see some airlines go out of business making that ticket you buy now absolutely worthless while others could emerge being owned by governments who deemed them as being critical to national interests.

Also, the route you have booked to fly may no longer be on the airline’s schedule and travel insurance will not cover you for any losses due to the coronavirus.

As for the waivers they are nothing but a way of guaranteeing that the money you paid for your ticket can be used to put towards another flight. It’s wise ever to assume that you will be able to find the same discount deal on a flight at a later date as it will probably be much more expensive due to the limitations.

So the bottom line here is to not be tempted by a low airfare but rather wait and see how things are once the pandemic is over.