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Travel & Tourism jobs are at risk globally

Travel and tourism jobs are once again advertised as safe career choices. The World Travel & Tourism Council continues to work to raise awareness of Travel & Tourism as one of the world’s largest economic sectors. However, research carried out by the WTTC reveals that 75 million Travel & Tourism jobs were at risk globally during the COVID-19 pandemic, including one million in the UK and at least 6.4 million losses across the EU. Representing the global Travel & Tourism private sector, the WTTC claims that acting now will have a profound effect on reducing any further damaging impact for tour operators and travel agents, online and offline, are facing due to the previously unimaginable impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Is now the time to buy cheap airline tickets?

Since the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China, airlines worldwide have breathed a sigh of relief since countries closed borders and passenger numbers declined. Airlines have been deeply discounting tickets for future flights to get people flying again now that the main fears of the COVID-19 crisis seem to be over. Since the Covid breakout, many more relaxed visitor requirements mean that flights are on the increase.

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Many airlines and airports hope that they have seen the back of cancelled flights due to covid.

Why is there a demand for Airline pilots?

You may be surprised to know that during the Covid 19 pandemic, thousands of pilots were offered early retirement packages. Others were fired or furloughed because of a lack of demand for flights and travel. This came on top of an already looming pilot shortage due to the advancing age of those born during 1946-1964. This group of pilots made up almost half the pilots in flight service during 2019. Now travel is returning after the pandemic, and the need for pilots is desperate. In the US alone, airlines will continue to to fill 12,000 pilot jobs each year. One suggestion for the need for more pilots includes reducing the required training hours for commercial pilots and providing more significant wages and other incentives for young people to choose an airline pilot as a career.

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Airline Pilots are in demand to fill jobs

Airport jobs

Realizing that air travel for leisure and business had fallen off a cliff, many airlines decided to ground their aircraft and furlough employees until things turned to normal. Now many airports are actively seeking for people to work at their airports. For example, Malaysian airports are currently recruiting once again for various positions despite the area only recently opening up for travel and tourism. The Transport Ministry has again outlined several short and long-term measures to address the lack of airport staff at Penang International Airport.

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It is reported to take around 60 to 90 days to interview, hire and put a pilot through thorough training. Theirfore airlines have to think on their feet and be very proactive when trying to fill pilot jobs. The Federal Aviation Administration, which administers new pilot certifications, has allocated an average of merely 6,500 certificates a year in the past ten years. When the Covid 19 virus disrupted pilot training programs, there was a drop in applicants and, therefore, a slight dip in certificates in 2020 and 2021. This drop in airline pilots meant a difficult time for regional airlines to maintain their service and partner up with major airlines, directly affecting the connectivity of small communities. One such example is Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport. Chattanooga has lost over a third of its air service, which may impact its direct flight schedules to New York and Washington. This challenge highlights the impact of connectivity that was in place before the Pandemic.