Social service work


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One main objective of the organisation is to include local communities in promoting tourism where possible.
Businesses are invited to participate and to observe how things are run and for team building purposes.
Communities will at times be trained to arrange the most competitive trip packages, including transport, accommodation and things to do.
The organisation personell will train individuals to become team leaders, project managers and public speakers.

Highlights of the program include :

Involvement for local communities.
Local communities are invited to earn a wage by becoming involved in the tourism.
One key element of all individuals involved is a focus on
preserving the environment.

Another is respecting local customs and culture.


Examples of accommodation:

Bed & Breakfast or guest house
Community lodge

Popular activities include:

Kayaking groups
Climbing and hiking
Cooking workshops
Mountain biking
Nature walks
Local craft workshops
Museum tours and wine tasting evenings.

Useful websites:
Airports in Spain


CBT-I can provide training and consulting services for communities, government agencies and private researchers. Tour operators, tour guides and tour leaders. Training covers issues such as
• CBT concepts and goals
• Participatory community education
• Vision preparation Organization planning and management
• Personnel development such as community leaders, network leaders Community mentor Process speakers, etc.
• Tourism program design
• Training of local guides Training of professional guides
• CBT marketing
• Working with related parties
• Networking
• Waste management
• Travel with global warming
• Product design and souvenir products