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Properties in Cyprus – Where to stay

With around 400 miles of beautiful coast, Cyprus is the easternmost island in the Mediterranean Sea. Cyprus landmass equals around the same area as United kingdom’s Cornwall and Devon combined. Cyprus has one of those idyllic scenarios where visitors can ski in the mountains after breakfast and having a picnic on a sunny beach in the afternoon.
Located approximately 60 miles west of Syria, and 200 miles north of Egypt, Cyprus weather enjoys a rather mild, and ypically Mediterranean climate. Did I mention it has roughly 340 days of sunshine a year?

Cyprus certainly is a little gem in the Mediterranean sea, yet it boasts a vast itinerary of things to do. Some of its beautiful facets include its paradisiac beaches, 1000’s years of fascinating history, hidden hamlets, a fascinating culture, peaceful, sleepy villages, and the scenic Troodos Mountains.
With a long history of British influence and alliance, plus a rich Greek culture, Cyprus is known to be friendly and accommodating to foreign nationals living on the island. The island inhabitants also have a love for good food, cultural heritage and their long practised traditions.

There are many more charms to Cyprus, and British sun-seekers are not the only ones to have spotted that. It is a commonly renowned island for house hunters. The island seems likely to continue as a popular global holiday destination for East and West countries. With around 1.2 million population, at least 22% of the island comprises of foreign nationals.

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A Plethora of superior Estates in Cyprus

The quality and choice of accommodation in Cyprus is one reason that makes the island so popular for holidaymakers and ex-pats who decided to make a go of settling in Cyprus.
There is an abundant variety of properties all across this colourful island. In fact, some of the best properties in Cyprus consist of lush five-star properties, boutique hotels, luxurious villas, quaint village houses; you really will be spoilt for choice.

For holidaymakers staying in Cyprus, there’s also no shortage of accommodation. With more and more modern hotels springing up, and current ones being refurbished, the only challenge is having so many good ones to choose from.

Surprisingly, when it comes to buying a house in Cyprus, property here is reasonably priced, signifying another reason that it’s often a magnet for retired couples. However, not just the retired are drawn to Cyprus. More recently, entrepreneurs of all ages have decided to stay after visiting Cyprus for a while. One reason is that Cyprus is a European Union state with pleasantly low taxes, expanding communities and useful transport links to the Middle East and Europe. It’s clear to see that the island has many pulls for those looking to move to a place in the sun.

With four main cities to stay in Cyprus – Limassol, Nicosia, Larnaca, and Paphos, each one is unique in its own different way. Though I must also mention the ‘famous’ Ayia Napa may be an attractive addition to some people.

Like many beautiful sunshine destinations, prices to stay or live in Cyprus vary depending on the city or vicinity that you choose. All that said, the real estate market in Cyprus is popular for both buying and renting particularly at the moment.

As with other top European destinations, the Cypriot house prices remain at a certain level, but rental prices are very reasonable due to the recent pandemic.

Southern Cyprus has the great Troodos Mountains placed near the centre, with picturesque pine and cypress forests winding all the way down to stunning beaches. The most popular area for homebuyers has traditionally been Paphos and some of the quaint village nearby.

Properties in Paphos

The Paphos region is a delightfully attractive area that is surrounded by nature and spaciousness. Having its airport with excellent transport links Paphos also has a great choice of beaches that draw many visitors and home buyers. The area is experiencing less of an increase in buildings and population compared to other popular cities. There are currently new properties being built in the Larnaca and the Limassol. If you are looking to stay in the place, either short term or more extended period, there are real bargains in the sun-drenched hills with the marvellous Mediterranean views!

Properties in Limassol

The second-largest city in Cyprus is Limassol. It has been alluring international buyers for some years now. A recent attraction is the luxurious new marina. But Limassol beach hunters will not be without excellent choices.

In Limassol, the property is plentiful, especially on the seafront. Property ranges from the modest apartments in the town to the luxury Limassol villas. Being winemaking central, owning a property in Limassol would be great for weekends and vacations strolling through the city streets following an evening of wine tasting.

A Cyprus’s largest resort, there be no deficiency of exciting things to do. Known for its culture and beauty, Limassol is situated on the southern coast. There are many great tourist attractions in Limassol, and plenty of archaeological sites and engaging museums to traverse its history.
Limassol is remarkably popular in the summer season, so if you’re after peace; you should probably travel here just outside of peak season when the weather is still good. Whether you’re seeking shopping, history, or nightlife, Limassol holidays won’t disappoint.

Buying or renting property in Cyprus is still very popular

Ayia Napa Properties

Ayia Napa a perfect place for those wanting a little more exciting nightlife although the contrasting old fishing village offers tranquillity. Although Ayia Napa holidays do have suitable regions for families, it can be bustling in the summer. The stunning beaches are indeed a focal point for the region, and the rugged coastline has several coves that are worth exploring. There is an abundance of enticements to keep everyone satisfied on holidays to Ayia Napa. The charming harbour situated near Nissi Beach is a pleasant spot for lunch or coffee in the midday sun. If you’re staying in or move to live in Ayia Napa, you not only have the ideal climate but also plenty of nature to explore such as the sea caves Ayia Napa. These particular sea caves are a very dramatic area of the coast aligned with rugged precipices & sea caverns. All in all a favourite with divers and adventurous rock jumpers.

With great weather all year round, holidays to Ayia Napa are a sunbathers paradise with the watersport enthusiast’s bonuses.