Project to develop the potential of mentors.

Project to develop the potential of tourism by community Is a collaboration between organizations Special area development management for sustainable tourism (DASTA) with community tourism institutions The purpose is to provide community mentors in the north. Knowledge – Understanding about tourism by the community Including increasing work skills and important tools to work with the community In this regard, there were 50 participants in the training, using a period of 5 days of training.

1) Globalization and the current “global warming” and local driving
2) Concept and preparation for community in tourism management
3) Marketing for community tourism
4) Work skills and tools
5) Study visits in the area

The result Participants gain knowledge and understanding of CBT, both conceptual, work tools and concrete areas. However, there is still a need to support the provision of guidance in the area (Coaching or On the job training). And training to create knowledge – understanding of CBT with local authorities and within the next 3 years, would like to see CBT communities become strong and socially acceptable

1) Training report (1.9 Report on the training of potential trainers for tourism by communities: Northern Region, 8-12 November 2010)
2) Trainee mentors (1.10 list of participants Project to develop the capacity of tourism mentors by the community)