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Training for entrepreneurs in the group ..

Training for entrepreneurs in the group ..

Community tourism institutions have developed a coordination mechanism that will facilitate and create a working process with travel agencies and CBT communities to be able to access the markets that is suitable and is a mechanism that allows the company to access...

 CBT Course

 CBT Course

CBT-I has a partnership with Stenden University in the Netherlands to organize a CBT course for undergraduate students for a period of 2 months. There are classes in the classroom, viewing work, learning CBT in the village since the year since 2006 to present      

Spain’s Tourism Exhibitions

Spain’s Tourism Exhibitions

When travelling to Spain no doubt you want to enjoy most important Spanish museums and galleries the country has to offer. Some venues also have special events and temporary exhibitions and therefore it’s a good idea to keep updated on all of the latest events. Where...

Develop knowledge of tourism by the community ..

Develop knowledge of tourism by the community ..

Community tourism institutions Have cooperation with Special Area Management Organization by creating a MOU to develop tourism knowledge by the community. And being a consultant For such organizations The cooperation has a period of 4 years in cooperation. In the...

Knowledge management and curriculum development ..

Community tourism institutions Collaborate with Mae Hong Son Community College and have created a MOU to build cooperation in knowledge management and develop tourism courses by communities using research tools. As well as being a consultant and potential development...

Ecotourism and tourism development ..

This project is supported by three UN agencies, UNESCO, UNDP and FAO, under the supervision of Mae Hong Son Province and provincial sport tourism. With a period of 18 months (November 2011 - April 2013) with the goal of improving and improving the quality of life and...

Project to develop the potential of mentors.

Project to develop the potential of tourism by community Is a collaboration between organizations Special area development management for sustainable tourism (DASTA) with community tourism institutions The purpose is to provide community mentors in the north....

Research and development project for research

The Thailand Research Fund (TRF) has provided research grants to raise CBT to be academic. With a research team from researchers working on local research, tourism issues by communities and tourism experts who are university professors and related agencies By...

“Cooperation between partners in the project ..

"Cooperation between partners in the supply chain of European-Thai tourism to promote sustainable tourism industry" (Corporate Social Responsibility and Market Access Partnerships: CSR-MAP)   The goal of the CSR-MAP project is "Creating a sustainable tourism...

Pilot project to build cooperation …

CBT SPRING is supported by The Travel Foundation saw the importance of pushing and supporting cooperation between British travel companies and organizations in countries that are popular tourist destinations in England.   Which Thailand is one of the main...

CBT Leadership Development Project ..

CBT Leadership Development Project ..

Is a development of researchers for locals and CBT villagers to see the macro level See the picture comparing the growth of tourism in neighboring countries. Seeing the burden of moving CBT jobs, both strengthening community organizations Proper marketing And policy...

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Travel and Tourism Based Research Workshop for the local community.

This article reports on the community Research workshop made in 3 villages, it reveals community needs and created local tourism jobs. It gives a general explanation on st…..

Report Community Based Tourism Study Trip for Governments and local authorities.

Report on the CBT Study Trip to Mae Kampong and Pha Mon by CBT-I and 13 representatives of Vietnamese government….

A visit to Europe and pivotal Spanish provinces and regions.

Full reports and maps on the communities in Oliva Spain, Vigo and Javea spain. How tourism has impacted on other various European provinces such as the Costa Del Sol Malaga, Zaragoza Spain and Salamanca.