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Picture the scene; you’ve just land in beautiful Townsville Australia. You can barely hold in your excitement. You realize that this will no doubt be one of the the best experiences of your life. An exceptional experience that incorporates all of your degree / major’s curriculum in an unmatched way. Every couple of days, instead of being limited to the classroom, you have an awesome adventure, discovering something or somewhere new. The awe-inspiring scenery and diverse dry regions and rain forests are unrivaled. Your indescribable, educational journey gets better each day.

World-class study abroad and educational tourism programs in Townsville North Queensland

These unique summer programs typically last anywhere between three and a half to four weeks. The universities that actually engage in these programs now are starting to customize the program to meet their own needs.

Education studying abroad Koala bears

How do you fancy assisting a park ranger looking after the koala park here? Imagine all of the the hands-on animal experience. Up close and personal learning about different reptiles and the gentle Koala itself, or even the echidna. (sometimes known as the (cute) spiny anteater).

Studying abroad in this type of environment will leave you with the most amazing experiences. Imagine a trip where you get to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, a wonderful lifetime opportunity.

Education studying abroad Eucalyptus trees
Eucalyptus tree grove

It’s so different from studying in classroom, being out on the field an getting this wealth experience in a personal and very practical way. It incorporates hands-on research that one could never have been able to do back in the classroom. Surrounded by eucalyptus trees and gum tree, right next to the koalas natural habitat. It is valuable in the sense that most of the studying and environmental science that you’re able to do in a classroom is can involve much studying of other’s research projects. Where as this program allows you to actually be out in the field site immersed in the work yourself.

Students will also be able to take this whole experience back and will have a much wider viewpoint of how different countries and cultures operate.

One of the rally important thing that they have been able to do in Townsville region is disconnect leisure tourism and make it educational tourism.

Sharing a personal true-life account with international guests is essential. Recent years have clearly shown that one of the things that international guests do not get when visiting Australia is the story and experience of the first nation’s people who ascribe it.

Educational studying abroad The Echidna Queensland Australia
The unusual The Echidna

‘The Townsville North Queensland region enjoys a unique, safe, tropical environment that offers the perfect setting to learn. Gateway to the World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef, tropical islands, wet tropics rainforests, national parks, wetlands and historical, military and outback experiences. The region is also home to some of the best education experiences available in the world. The Townsville North Queensland EduTourism Consortium brings together learning outcomes and exceptional experiences  to deliver world-class study aboard and educational tourism programs in Townsville North Queensland. With members including the Australian Government’s national education centre for the Great Barrier Reef, the region’s economic and tourism body, local Government, educators, tourism operators and non-profits, the Consortium is a collaborative partnership which enables product diversity in the delivery of transformative educational experiences.’