“Cooperation between partners in the project ..

“Cooperation between partners in the supply chain of European-Thai tourism to promote sustainable tourism industry” (Corporate Social Responsibility and Market Access Partnerships: CSR-MAP)

The goal of the CSR-MAP project is “Creating a sustainable tourism supply chain. By promoting tourism operators in the Thai tourism industry to develop social and environmental policies There are standards and indicators that show such determination. With concrete practice in 3 parts of the mechanism in the Thai tourism industry, including hotels that care about the environment

Ecotourism operators and local communities that conduct tourism by communities

The result There is a participatory standardization of 5 operators, including communities, restaurants, tour guides, travel companies and hotels, and a 5-way pilot route that each route has 5 operators to work together.

1) CSR-MAP press release (1.5 press release Cooperation between partners in the European-Thai tourism supply chain to promote sustainable tourism industry “(Corporate Social Responsibility and Market Access Partnerships: CSR-MAP)
2) CSR MAP Manual (1.6 CSR MAP Manual (English Only))