Tourism by community (Community – Based Tourism)

                Is a tourism that takes into account the sustainability of the environment, society and culture, determines the direction by the community

Elements of community tourism management

                There are 4 main elements of CBT, namely 1) natural resources and culture
2) Community organizations 3) Management 4) Learning important issues of each component of CBT, including

Natural resources and culturet

                The community has a rich natural resource base. And there is a way of production that relies on
        And using sustainable natural resources
     • Communities have unique cultural traditions

Community organization

     • The community has a social system that is understood
     • There are sages or knowledgeable people And skills in various subjects
     • The community feels ownership and participates in the development process.



There are rules – rules for environmental management, culture and tourism.
     • There is an organization or mechanism for working to manage tourism And can link travel with
        Overall community development
     • Fair distribution of benefits
     • There is a fund that benefits the economic and social development of the community.



• The nature of tourism activities can create awareness And understanding of life style
        And different cultures
     • There is a system to manage the learning process between villagers and visitors.
     • Create awareness about natural resource and culture conservation Both the villagers
        And visitors

CBT and holistic community development  

Tourism has a holistic relationship with community development. Due to tourism resources With resources that the community uses as a production base is the same resource Culture, Dharma and society are driving the spirit of the community. In building relationships within the community and external relations Should link to see tourism and community development as a whole

The difference between tourism by community and other forms of tourism

Ecotourism (Ecotourism) The official language is called “Ecotourism”, but many communities or organizations call “eco-tourism”, which is different from Ecotourism and CBT is CBT.
Homestay (Homestay) The official language is called “Accommodation to experience rural culture” is different from CBT, which is focused on home-centric, but CBT places importance on community participation. Have clear management in the form of community organizations

CBT: Community Development Tools

CBT is a tool for strengthening villagers in the management of natural resources and culture. By the participation process of people in the community
Allowing the community to participate in the direction of development and benefit from tourism
At the same time, in the overview of the tourism industry
Tourism by the community has played a role in creating new quality of tourism, meaning more than leisure, fun and entertainment.
If opening the dimension of tourism to exchange, learn and respect local people

Principles of tourism by community

Tourism by community That uses tourism as a tool for community development.
     1. Community owned
2. The villagers took part in determining the direction and decision
3. Promote self-esteem
4. Raise the quality of life
5. Environmental sustainability
6. Maintain local identity and culture
7. Cause learning between people of different cultures
8. Respect for different cultures and human dignity
9. Generating fair returns to local people
10. There is a distribution of income to the public benefit of the community.
To allow the community to carry out tourism according to the above principles
At the same time, must campaign with people in society to see the differences of tourism by communities and general tourism. Encourage people in society to see the importance and be tourists who are interested in exchanging knowledge between homeowners and visitors.
It also increases awareness and understanding of the role of local communities in the conservation of natural resources and encourages or supports continuity in both natural and cultural conservation work.
Tourism by the community is not due to the question of whether How will the community benefit from tourism? But creating a new problem that How can tourism be beneficial to community development?

Tourism and sustainable development


From the World Summit in 1992, it was the starting point to push the idea of “Sustainable development” influences the importance of “Sustainable tourism” from 3 tourism development trends, namely
1. The need for conservation of natural resources and the environment
     2. The needs of tourists who are interested in tourism for learning
     3. The need for human development and the importance of local community participation

Birth of tourism by community

During the world of awareness about sustainable tourism and finding new alternatives for tourism during the year 1992, after that, ecotourism came into a new trend and a big trend in the Thai tourism industry. By pushing the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)

By working at the regional level of the Tourism for Life and Nature Program (REST), REST later collaborated with the Office of Research Fund to establish a community-based tourism institution In which period Name that is called the new style of tourism There are many names, such as ecotourism. Agro-tourism Cultural tourism Green tourism
After the 1997 economic crisis, the Thai government used tourism as a stimulus. By announcing the year 1998-1999 as the year to promote Thai tourism (Amazing Thailand) in the year 2001, with One Tambon One Product-OTOP project after 2002. Tourism in many rural areas in 2004 has Providing homestay standards Currently, tourism by the community has become recognized as a form of tourism in which communities come to manage tourism by themselves.

CBT Travel Model

The tour program is designed for visitors to experience the local life. Visitors and community members have the opportunity to meet and learn each other. Tours and services are operated by community organizations. There are roles, responsibilities and responsibilities such as coordinator, local tour guide, homestay family, food department, vehicle etc.
1. Exchange learning Is a regular tourism program of the community
     2. Study visits as a learning process Which has both lectures exchange comment
                                In order to allow students to study, understand and apply to suit the context
                                Or the purpose of the study visit
     3. Volunteer mind is an additional activity for volunteers who want to do activities.
                                Service that is in line with the needs of the community