CBT-I was established at the end of 2006 with the cooperation of the local research department. Northern Region Tourism Research Group under the support of the Thailand Research Fund (TRF) and the Tourism for Life and Nature Project (REST) ​​are currently registered as juristic persons in the name of Foundation for Tourism by Community With the belief that

Tourism is a tool for community development and for tourism that goes into sustainable rural communities. The community must participate and benefit from tourism. “

CBT-I is a coordination of knowledge, competency and work skills between REST, an organization with a background in human development and community-based tourism organizations for 12 years with the TRF’s Node, which has an academic and job basis. Research for the local community about tourism by more than 5

Come to work together to drive tourism by the community to be accepted both at the policy level and create a new quality of tourism that focuses on exchanging knowledge between people of different culturesWhere the local community owns and participates in the development direction


Local communities from the grass roots to the world Able to manage sustainable tourism With related parties



• Encourage research and development of CBT as a tool to strengthen the community. And support sustainable natural resource management
     • Providing training services for tourism knowledge by communities

• Support the tourism network by the community to be able to cooperate with the business sector and drive tourism policies to serve the community.
     • Create cooperation for related parties to support tourism by communities

• Be a center for tourism information by communities in Thailand and the region.


Personnel (regularly)

1. Director – Charan Daeng Noi
 Experience in working with new generations, volunteers, urban and rural development, training and tourism development counseling.

     2. Research Department – Woraphong Tiephu: Officer
 Research experience for local training

     3. Research Department – Anuwat Intana: Staff
         Research experience for local training

     4. Office – Anongnat Puno Yai
 Local research experience Finance and accounting


Personnel (experts – not routine)

1. Training
          – Phetchana Suansri, training experience New generation work, volunteers and community tourism consultants
          – Nathaya Navanukul, training experience And rural development
          – Waralak Chaiyaphat, training experience Creating process speakers

     2. Market work
          – Peter Richards, experience in training and working with tour operators including travel companies, hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops

3. Research
          – Supawee Songphonvanich, research experience for local Working with new generations Training
          – Krisada Thirathiyakul, article writing experience Being a tour guide in Indochina And being a Thai-English translator

     4. Social communication work
          – Sompop Yiisok, Social Media Research Experience
          – Yathip Laksanonrat Experience in writing news and articles Campaign on AIDS work issues

5. Community coordination work
          – Nuchanat Singhaphuti, working experience with the community and youth
          – Thira Chaijaree, CBT network coordination experience

     6. Development of potential people and communities
          – Chan Ruching Methaporn, environmental education experience, youth work, community work And training work

     7. Accounting and finance
          -Monta Suwanphrai, experience in accounting and finance

Foundation board

Foundation board
Chairman of Mr. Pradej Phayakvichien
                Former Governor of Tourism Authority of Thailand
Vice President, Dr. Anucha Leksakuldilok
                Experience in tourism planning
                Currently, Deputy Governor of the Institute of Scientific Research
                And the technology of Thailand
Treasurer Mr. Weerachai Weerachatchat
                Experience in rural development training
                And working with disabled people
Director, Mr. Dech Pumkhacha
                Former Director of the Volunteer for Society Foundation
                Training experience Volunteer work
                Dr. Sasin Roob
                Research management experience
                At present, the Faculty of Science Administration Maejo University
Secretary Mrs. Charan Daeng Noi
                Director of the Community Tourism Institute


1. Outstanding research
   2. CBT Chang Agent Training
   3. CBT Forum (International)
   4. CBT in a world without a border
   5. Presenting work in Guatemala, Mali, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Laos
       Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka
   6. Teaching CBT with Stenden students
   7. Special professors for universities such as Prasarnmitr Kaset
       Thammasat Payap

8. Training for GMS
   10. CSR-MAP
   11. CBT course for global warming for GTZ
   12. Youth power weaving work, reduce global warming
   13. Cooperation with Mae Hong Son Community College, Trad, Tak, Ranong
   14. Cooperation with DASTA
   15. Cooperation with Payap University
   16. UNJP
   17. Kinnaree Awards Committee for Tourist Attractions And organization type
        Support tourism
   18. Stick 1 in 3 of the Tourism for Tomorrow Award
   19. CBT book with dimensions
   20. Northern Community Tourism Association

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