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HereTai Ahom & CBT-I

Exchange of experience with the Community Based Tourism Institute (CBT-I). By Dr.Rux Prompalit, committee for Community ..

Public organization

On 21-22 April 2014, Khun Somrak Chai Singhanananon And Khun Rung Tawan Amu-in ……

Prototype of self-reliant communities

Hua Thung Community “Prototype of self-reliant communities” and creation of partners for sustainable local ..

CBT 31 days on the track

Community Tourism Network Coordination Center (CBT-N-CC) by the Community Tourism Institute

Community participation concept

Case study from the master plan for conservation project And Wiang Kum Kam development

Pilot tour

Royal Project Foundation And CBT-I invite interested people to explore

Travel Community Guide


Community Based Research Workshop for the villages Pam Bok

This article reports on the CBT Research workshop made in 3 villages, its outcomes and gives a general explanation on st…..

Report Community Based Tourism Study Trip for Quang Nam

Report on the CBT Study Trip to Mae Kampong and Pha Mon by CBT-I and 13 representatives of Vietnamese government….

Story of the fieldtrip to Mae Hong Son

Report on the visit of CBT-I Marketing Team to Mae Hong Son…..