Community tourism institutions Have cooperation with Special Area Management Organization by creating a MOU to develop tourism knowledge by the community. And being a consultant For such organizations The cooperation has been started since 2010 and has a period of 4 years in cooperation.


In the first year, the institute serves to develop the potential of personnel of special areas. Both knowledge And the skills necessary to develop a tourist village As well as adjusting attitude For the community mentor team About methods and guidelines for working with the community

For the fiscal year 2012, the institute has a role in initiating the assessment of tourism standards by the community. By using special areas throughout the country as target areas and DASTA have prepared a plan And project sets To select pilot communities in each special area to carry out development To be ready According to various criteria Defined in the standard Until able to pass the certification process National working group appointed by DASTA

     Criteria for certification of tourist sites by communities (1.12)