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Travel & Tourism jobs are at risk globally

The World Travel & Tourism Council continues to work to raise awareness of Travel & Tourism as one of the world's largest economic sectors. Recent research carried out by the WTTC reveals that 75 million Travel & Tourism jobs are at risk globally due to...

Street Art Tour Madrid

Not to be confused with rushed graffiti, Urban Street Art in Madrid is a form of visual expression used by artists to portray contemporary urban culture and certain topical issues.  The best-known proponent of this genre has to be anonymous England-based street...

Pompeii Culture & Art

One quick glance at the lay-out of the city and a fundamental fact immediately catches one’s eye: Pompeii, unlike Herculaneum and ancient Naples, is not the fruit of an organic design of city planners. In the regular town design two atypical nuclei stand out: one, roughly quadrilateral, around the “civil forum” and the other around […]

Urban collectives at Kasser Rassu Gallery

A visit to Marbella’s Kasser Rassu Gallery to see their “Urban Collectives” exhibition. This is a collection of works by three very different artists which has been put together by Benezra Art Investments & Consultancy – and it is certainly well worth a visit. Maureen Benezra (partner) was their to answer questions about the artists, their life and their […]

“Equitana” exhibition at Benezra Gallery

The opening of this new exhibition was entitled “Equitana” at the Benezra Gallery in Benahavis on the costa del Sol A new exhibition experience The gallery was full, full of all lovers of fine art from Marbella and its surrounding areas. The Benezra Gallery is a lovely space to enjoy fine art and with the […]

CBT Training

3-7 September 2020: Training for hotel management and staff in Inle Princess Resort from Inlay Lake in Shan State. 18-24 September 2020: Organize training and study visits for government officials and community leaders from Europe. About tourism by community:...

Training for entrepreneurs in the group ..

Community tourism institutions have developed a coordination mechanism that will facilitate and create a working process with travel agencies and CBT communities to be able to access the markets that is suitable and is a mechanism that allows the company to access...

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Travel and Tourism Based Research Workshop for the local community.

This article reports on the community Research workshop made in 3 villages, it reveals community needs and created local tourism jobs. It gives a general explanation on st…..

Report Community Based Tourism Study Trip for Governments and local authorities.

Report on the CBT Study Trip to Mae Kampong and Pha Mon by CBT-I and 13 representatives of Vietnamese government….

A visit to Europe and pivotal Spanish provinces and regions.

Full reports and maps on the communities in Oliva Spain, Vigo and Javea spain. How tourism has impacted on other various European provinces such as the Costa Del Sol Malaga, Zaragoza Spain and Salamanca.